Monday, December 1, 2008

Miscellaneous Monday about the education of balance and flow. No, I'm not talking
about balancing motors or cylinder head flow, I'm referring
to balance and flowing lines when creating, or modifying a custom.
Class is now in session.

I saw the 1st picture below posted on the XL Forum
and had to ask myself why. Why would someone
go to all that trouble of modifying a swingarm, a frame
and oilbag, but leave the ass end of the tank sticking
up? It's killing the "FLOW" and your eyes are drawn right
to it like a woman wearing a tubetop. In addition the extended
swingarm looks cool, but the gap is out of "BALANCE" with the
rest of the bike.

A few tweaks by me in Photoshop is all that was needed
to make this cool custom into a KICK-ASS custom.
The original builder should of raised the tank tunnel a
little. This allows the rear of the tank to sit down lower
on the frame. The icing on the the coil
and ignition to clean up the front section of the frame, and
make an opening to tie in with the gap created by the
extended swingarm.
Ladies and Gentleman, we now have BALANCE and
Class dismissed.