Thursday, June 18, 2009

Exhaust and Tank Updates

Slim came over last night to help me button up the
exhaust I started. It's done, just need to send it
out for black ceramic, or I'll just rattle can it for now.

While listening to Blazing Haley, Custom Made
Scare, and Killin' PBR's, we spent a LOT of time
talking and scheming tank options. Like a crackhead
runway model, I opted to modify my 2.2 skinny and

We'll be back at it Friday evening, finishing up the
tank, designing some new bars, and killin' PBR's
in the process....stay tuned.


Angry Cracker said...

Looks pretty bitchin' so far man. I like the look your going for while keeping the swing arm. It don't have to be rigid to be kick-ass!

Johnny Wolf said...


Lots more in store, stay tuned.

Thanks for the props man!

Jackster said...

You couldn't have anyone better helping you! Slim builds some awesome shit man. Your bike is gonna rule!

Johnny Wolf said...

Yep, I leave any welding tasks to the pros, and Slims DEF a well as a frined.

We bounce a lot of cool ideas off each other.

He rocks all the way live.