Monday, June 15, 2009

Mod Monday aka Change Cometh...

Yesterday I got a hair up my ass to fire up the trusty
grinder, and started f-n shit up. I whacked the struts,
chopped and modified a stock HD Big Twin fender (u figure it out),
and started mocking parts up on it that I had in the garage.

The tall bars, stock controls, and white walls will all be gone. The
speedo I'll relocate or get a smaller one, the fork gators are in the
trash, and the axle spikes are packed away in a box marked e-bay

I'll probably go back to the other shocks, and won't use that tank...
unless I modify the shit outta it.

Stay tuned for more Sportster carnage!

Those bars look like ass now, they won't be there
much longer.


Angry Cracker said...

Bike looks far out man!!!! How you been lately bro?

Jackster said...

I like how patient you seem to be with all of this. I need more of that quality.