Monday, June 8, 2009

Mod Monday

Last we left off with the cam cover I chopped, I still needed to tap and plug the exposed oil passage. I tapped it with a 1/4 20
and threaded in a set screw.

Prior to threading in the set screw, I dipped it in "15 min cure 3500 lb" epoxy, threaded it in, and filled the rest of the hole with more epoxy. NOTE*** Don't use anything longer as it may plug the oil galley.

Here's an update on the pulley cover. The aluminum casting was too thick for making the cut on my band saw, so I used the trusty grinder again just like the cam cover chop.

I painted the rusted pulley black and installed the cover. I decided
not to drill the speed holes...well, for right now anyway

...both covers installed

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Angry Cracker said...

Looks killer man. Keep it up!