Monday, August 10, 2009

Miscellaneous Monday

Last week I let my political views, and personal feelings spill
over into my blog.

This blog was never intended to be an avenue to voice my
frustrations, and angst, nor will it ever be. The last thing
anyone needs right now is more doom and gloom, it's already
force fed to us via the media and the web 24/7, right? There
are a bazillion other blogs and web sites that people use to
vent their negativity towards the President, Government,
Law enforcement, price of gas etc...we don't need another.

So, from now on if it doesn't bring a positive vibe, and or it's
not music, car, or bike related I won't post or talk about it.

Here's some paint porn to get the blog back on track.


Anonymous said...

Fast Freddy's "Love Machine" by French Kiss
My favorite.

bassen69 said...

this one is realy realy nice.... woĂșld be cool to see the rest of it :)