Thursday, September 17, 2009

Changed the headlight...

...lamp. Not much of an update, but an update none the less...

As much as I liked the look of the vintage amber sealed beam fog
lamp in my Unity headlight, I knew I wouldn't be able to see much,
and I didn't need another reason to get pulled over.

Here was the dilemma. This Unity is only 4.5", try to find a lamp
that size that's not a sealed beam single filament. I found a Borg-
Warner, but it was a sealed beam, dual filament 30/30watt.

I had almost given up till I found this.

It's 4.5", has a replaceable H4 65/50 halogen lamp, and a tri-bar
reversing cone. The only problem now is the original toggle switch
won't fit anymore...fuck it, I'll just wire the high beam up constant.

1 comment:

MUTINY said...

I like it! Not sure if I like it better than the original! Let me look at it over the weekend! Still a sick bike!