Friday, September 4, 2009

Firestone Friday

Yes! The whitewalls are officially gone off the
Hellbilly Deluxe...and the Firestone "Zig-ZAg"
is mounted. I'll be running a Avon Speedmaster
in the front. Yeah the handling won't be as good,
but it'll be a sexy mo-fo.

Now I'm on a mission from God to machine the
pulley center out larger so it will fit the 2000 up
wheel. Then I'll need to machine the front wheel
hub down a little to fit the 99 and older narrowglide.

Stay tuned...


Angry Cracker said...

I probably asked you this before, but I cant remember. Are you leaving it a swinger, or are you going to hard tail it? I personally love your bike because it shows how sweet a swinger can be. It don't have to be rigid to be cool.

Johnny Wolf said...

It's going to stay a swinger. To me, most of the hard tail Sporties are starting to look like cookie cutter bikes. It's my mission to keep it a swinger because as you mentioned it's a LOT harder to make one look cool.