Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sneek peek with a Fat...

...Boy rear wheel.

I scored a set (front and rear) of 2000+ Fatboy wheels,
tires, rotors, and rear brake assy. So now I have a rotor
for the new front wheel, and a rear Fatboy wheel that I've
been looking for to mate up with the Firestone Zig-Zag I
got from Marshall. I'll sell what's left over to re-coop some
of the cash.

I solved two problems, but created another. Since the wheel
is a 2000+ I'll need to do one of the follwing:

Get a chain conversion
(Sexy, but costly)
Get a later model pulley
(Not too costly, but no cool points)
Get my current pulley hogged out
(Cheap Bastard way, but not nearly as sexy as a chain).

My garage helpers saying,"hurry up Bastard, it's a
100 degress in here!"

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