Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Why am I doing this Wednesday?

Big thanks to my Homey "Slim"!

He chucked my '95 pulley up in the lathe to open up the
middle a 1/4". It was too small to fit on the 2000+ Fat Boy

So I get this bright idea to strip the powdercoat off prior to
bolting it up. I forgot that 3 years ago I had it powdercoated
twice, because the first coat looked like ass, I made the guy
do it again. I also forgot that HD powdercoats the center gray.

Why am I doing this.....?

It's almost finished, I ran out of 22o w/d sandpaper so
I'll finish it this weekend, and hand polish it.

Oh...and the reason why I'm spending so much time on a
pulley? Because the o-ring chain I want runs about $135.00
I'll eventually go to a chain, but I need to put what little coin
I have elsewhere to get it back on the road for now.

1 comment:

MUTINY said...

I guess you figured out why you are doing this! Now lets see more of that Quad Cam!