Thursday, October 8, 2009

Nuther Mooneyes car part turned... part.

Went to Mooneyes today and found their smallest drip-
rail mounted Peep Mirror, and figured I'd fab up a mount
for it to come off my top triple tree.

1st-I removed the mounting bracket from the mirror
and threw it in the trash. Then I took one of my old
LED blinker mounts and counter-bored it out to
accommodate the stem of the mirror.

Secured it together with star washers on both sides,
and a stainless steel machine screw...

...then mounted it to the triple tree.

It's sturdy and I can actually see out of it.

Just need to strip the black powdercoat off the
mount and polish it.


MUTINY said...

I wish I could steal this idea and put it on my bike!!!

Volksrat said...

Thats a cool idea, I'd powdercoat the chrome part black...