Saturday, October 10, 2009

Seen previously here... the Asphalt Squadron. One of my favorite '76
Shovels of the Underworld.

Here's some new pix the new owner Allen Hayden
took of it.

Take care of it Man, and PLEASE don't change
a thing. Those who know me can vouch that those
words rarely come out of my mouth.


Allen said...

My man, I have no less than 9 (count them) law enforcement agencies within 3 miles of my house... I cant afford the tickets these pipes are going to get me. I'm afraid there are some changes coming. I'll do my best to keep "her" as original as possible, but she's got to go low pro. I can't give the cops a 2 block notice that I'm rolling through... rather I need some stealth. See you at the RIOT!

Johnny Wolf said...

I'm hip man,I can't afford gas let alone stupid tix.

I couldn't make it to the riot, the scooter's still not ridable yet. Hope to have it done by Mooneyes...tick...tock...tick...tock...