Sunday, November 8, 2009

Stick a fork in it...

...I finished up the plate mount that Slim and I
started on Friday.

It's secured to the passenger peg provision, and to keep
it from rotating it has a dowel rod that sits in a hole that
is drilled in the swingarm (Slim's idea).

This thing is so sturdy you could jack the bike up
from it.
Big thanks again to my friend Slim for helping
me out, early birthday celebrating, and garage
therapy in general.
Good friends and good timez por vida!


worthydawg said...

Looks awesome! Watching the evolution of your build is inspiring. Absolutly the best example of a full sprung Sporty chop... The total package. The hartailed Sporties (though they still rock) seem a dime a dozen now.. keep it up. Oh yeh, Slims shit is on it too! Can't go wrong there...

Johnny Wolf said...

Thanks for the props man, just trying to flip the script a little in a world of cookie cutter hardtailed Sporties.