Monday, December 7, 2009

Bad news and Good news.

The Bad- "Sporty Specialties" is officially dead.
The Good- Kirk who originally sold it 2 and a half years ago
is starting it back up as "SPORTY PARTS". He'll sell new
and used parts for Sportsters, K models and custom
motorcycles from 1952 to present. The new web site will
be, but until he gets it up you can
still check him out at

Or you can give him a call at 714 879-0500 to let him know what
you need, and don't forget to tell him Johnny Wolf from the
Asphalt Squadron sent ya'!


motoguru. said...

Saw that on CC this morning too...

Ace said...

Thanks for the heads up Johnny. I have a link on my site - I'll update it, once he's up and runnin' again! Great blog - keep up the great work!