Saturday, January 16, 2010

Took possession today...

My Pops got a new 2010 E-Glide Classic, so I bought his 2003
Peace Officer E-Glide off him for a song!

I should of taken some b-4 shots, cuz I already made some
changes. I swapped out the yellow fogs for some white fluted,
removed the rubber baby buggy bumpers off the front
and rear well as the grab handle, and tour pack.

I already ordered a 4" windshield, phantom hard bag mount
kit (looses the big ol' chrome bag guards), and a 2" lowering kit
for front and rear. Now I need a low profile solo seat too.

Yep, it never ends


motoguru. said...

dude, that seat is GIGANTIC!

Johnny Wolf said...

Yep! Hence the comment about a "low profile" seat LOL. However the current one will be nice when me and the O.L. go on a long overnighter.

Anonymous said...

Run a Roadglide seat on my '05, it doesn't come quite as far up the tank yet doesn't look like a huge marshmellow either.

jonnyrtn said...

Your gonna like the marshmellow to vegas or Phoenix. Mine is completely stock except for the ac and the slip ons. it does not miss a beat, it is comfy, it hauls all the ole ladys stuff, it is a trust worthy nag in a stable of race horses. Start palying to much and it will not be as reliable as it was for your ole man to ride to Alaska on. Trust me function over form on a bagger... it was meant to eat up miles in comfort, fuck the haters.