Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Souls Of We (George Lynch) Who?

Most people that are "in the know" with me, know that I mostly listen to Rock-a Billy, Trucker Punk, Country etc. If you're truly in the know, then you're also aware that back in the day (80's) I only listened and played drums in Hollywood Metal bands aka "Hair Bands".

I remember crusin' Van Nuys with my girlfriend (who at the time looked and dressed like Lita Ford NICE!) crankin' Sorpions, Accept and Dokken as loud as we could stand it till our ears bled. Smokin cigs/cloves and drinking Corona (b-4 it became fashionable), Boonesfarm, and Wine Coolers. Good times fo show!

That being said NEVER in a million years back then did I ever think that I would hang out with, or let alone ever talk to George Lynch (guitar player for Dokken and Lynch Mob). An even bigger surprise was when he was introduced to me by my father. Back in '84 while head bangin' to Mr Scary I could have NEVER fathomed that one. After all...my Pops was a strict Sergent for the LASD back then and "long haired, tattooed dudes were loosers".

Fast forward a couple of decades to 2004...my step mom calls me one day and says she works with a girl named Danica who is married to this guitar player/ex-rock star from the 80's (that's what he calls himself) named George.

Very long story short...I'm privileged enough to hang out once in a while with George who by the way also rides. To say that he's down to earth and extremely humble would be an understatement. I think he likes hangin' out with me because we are fellow musicians who experienced a lot of the same things, in the same times. More importantly I treat him like a regular Joe. Not once since 2004 have I ever asked him, or even brought up Don Dokken's name or his reasons for leaving the band...although, I've always wanted to.

Below is one of his latest vids from his current band Souls Of We. If you hear that they're coming through your town, go see them. George still shreds like a mo fo!

If your near my age, and you still don't recognize the name or face, this should seal the deal. Yeah it's cheesy, and I still FUCKIN' dig it.

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