Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Suavecito Pomade

My barber Danny just turned me on to this stuff. It's half the price of Layrite, and works better.


Anonymous said...

Hey man!
Nice pic! i really like that knife of yours. Could you please tell me the name of the brand and the knife's type.

Johnny Wolf said...

Thanks. It's a Winchester (I don't see a model number) same as the rifle brand. You can see the "W" on the clip. They were blowing them out a couple of years ago at Wallmart for 5 bux! I wish I would have bought more for gifts.

On a side note, why sign in "anonymously"? I like to know who frequents my blog.


Andreas said...

Hey Man!

Thanks for the fast answer!
I see that you had an accident, i hope that you alright these days!
I'm looked for suavecito pomade and so i found these pic!
with your hhelp i also found it on wallmart but i'm from Austria and so i can't get it for a normal price (i think shipping and the duty is expensive)

Greetings from Austria
Keep on rocking!!!

Servas Andreas

On a side note, pleace accept my apologies for my bad english

Johnny Wolf said...

Thanks, but it was my club buddy that was in the accident. I'm the guy smiling next to him with the hat on.

Your English is fine, keep coming back for updates, and tell your friends!

Thanks for the support!