Sunday, August 22, 2010

My New (not so skinny) Tank Pt. 1

As much as I liked the other tank, lets face it... 1.4 gal sucks! I'm usually a form over function guy when it comes to the Sportster, but I had to draw a line in the sand. I called Slim last week and told him "game on again man", So he came over and we got to work on a 3 gal Sportster King tank. We took about 1" from the front, 1.5" in the back, added a 1/2" deep tunnel, and a flat bottom. Even though material was removed from the middle, with the tunnel mostly non existent I'll bet that this one is still around 2.2 gallons, nearly double what I had before.


kevinhog said...

A wise choice bud, I'm sure it will look awesome. So whatcha gonna do with the other oen?

Johnny Wolf said...

For now it's going to be perched on a shelf in my home office, or on the wall out in the man cave.