Monday, October 25, 2010

I must insist that you steal this pic....

...immediately, and post it on your blog, web site, Twitter, or Facebook page.

Many (myself included) take the time each day to pirate pix of:
etc... etc...from other blogs, and sites to re-post.

Please don't let this one be an exception, we need your participation to help make it success, blast it everywhere!

We have a shit ton of giveaways from the vendors listed...put it this way, we have enough items to have a raffle about every 7 minutes! From tee shirts, to spool hubs, to helmets, to battery trays, to....pix to follow, stay tuned.

Thanks for your support!

Inland Empire


Hardly Dangerous said...

now posted at

Johnny Wolf said...

Thanks, we really appreciate it!

Allen said...

Done. Lady Hump support.