Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Never-Ready Gil, Man Down!

Last Monday Night on the way to the Never-Ready's pre- Slab City II meeting, a teen girl driver, with 3 teen girl passengers in a Mercedes side-swiped Gill. I didn't see it, but the story goes...above mentioned teens were cat-n-mousin' with another car (slowing down, speeding up, moving side to side, etc) just as Gill and Berto were merging to the right to catch the 91 from the 60. Berto saw an opportunity and went around them, as Gill followed, they came into his left side and made contact with his front wheel, and caused Gil to low side on his right. Miraculously he only came away with a broken wrist. It's not known yet if he'll require surgery or not. Gil said the CHP was cool, and took a through accident/incident report, he added that the Moreno valley PD was an ass, and was only concerned weather nor not Gill had a valid D.L. and, or warrants (yes/no!). The bike too came away with little damage. Dented tank, broken brake perch, and road rash on his peg, brake lever, and rear shock.

Gil trying to throw a thumbs up, but the morphine hadn't kicked in yet, so it was more of a thumbs out.

Under that bandage sits a crooked, bumpy wrist.

...ahhhhhh, the meds kicked in (me and Gil).

Get well soon buddy! On a side note, he will still be going to Slab, but will riding shotgun in a chase van.


Allen said...

Never give up, never surrender!!!!!!!!!

Johnny Wolf said...

Hell yeah Allen, I need a favor man. Can you make sure Gil gets his Lady Hump shirt (XL). He had EVERY intention of riding his Sporty to Slab with us! You'll see him there, prob be stoned on vicodin and PBR.

Allen said...

Done fucking deal fo' shu. I cant wait to pound a beer with you!!!!!!!!

MARSHALLovercloth said...

blood guts fire ans screaming.
drugs and beer.

Johnny Wolf said... forgot Morphine Marshall.