Thursday, August 4, 2011

Nightster E-bay FAIL

Ya' know, I've really tried to keep this blog on a positive note. There is so much negativity everywhere as of late, I really strive to just post cool (or what I think is cool) shit. I was once told by one of my Sportster Choppin' Homies, "If you are pointing and laughing, there are probably 3 others pointing and laughing at you." But I can't let this one go. If this auction would of went the distance and netted 30g, I would have spent the next month gluing those little Swarovski crystals on my sporty, and sold it for....hell, I'd settle for 20g. Then I'd buy 3 more Sportys to trick out.

Just when you think you've seen it all, people never cease to amaze me.


Backstreet Buckets said...

What fuck stick would pay money for that piece! I must say, the US has it's fair share of dip shits!

Zombie Performance said...

Ooh! Where's my bedazzler!?

All3n said...

I could buy 8 used evo sportsters for that price, and still have $2,000 left over for expensive beer... the microbrew shit hommie.

I don't care how many people are laughing at me, it's when no one is laughing and they're all staring at me rolling my "Sequinster" down the blvd. that I know I've finally made it to Viginatown girlfriend!