Thursday, September 29, 2011

Spitfire Motorcycle's "Rollin' Bones" '51 Pan in Veags NOW!

Paul just unveiled his latest Spitfire Motorcycles creation on the floor in Vegas at Artistry-n-Iron. Pix do NOT do this beauty justice. The wheels, frame, tank, girder front end, oil bag, bars, grips, seat, controls (and much more) are all made in-house at Spitfire by Paul, and the S/F/M crew. Paint was done by Casey at Headcase Kustom Art. Casey has the uncanny ability of when to say when while squirting paint. The paint is not overdone, nor underdone, with just the right amount of flake, details, and mix of color.

Here's a detail shot of the front end, note the covers on the shocks. Ever seen those before, I didn't think so.

Finally, the Wizard (aka "Scrotum" of DLMC) shown during some of the final assembly, adjusting the pushrods.

Best of luck to my Homie Paul, and the rest of the Spitfire Crew. Now bring that trophy/cash prize HOME!