Sunday, October 30, 2011

Le Pera Pleated Cherokee...

...for your rubber mount Sporty. Whilst posting some pix of my custom seat in an XLForum thread, I came across Brian Brose's 48 seat. At first glance I thought it was a custom seat as well. Come to find out it's a "Pleated Cherokee" made by Le Pera. In my opinion it's the best looking aftermarket seat out there for a Sporty. It's got a nice bump stop to keep yer ass planted when lightin' up the tire off the line at a stop light, low profile, a spot for your honey bunny to pop a squat, and it's covered in a nice pleat. If your rocking a solo spring seat on your swingarm Sporty, go get one of these now...or just shoot yourself.

Thanks for the larger pix, Brian...oh, and in case you didn't notice I took the liberty of removing your reflectors for you....hahahaha!

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The Big Woo said...

I have had that seat bookmarked for awhile. Haven't actually seen a good picture of it on a bike until now. Damn that looks good. I dig it. Thanks for posting it.