Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Crook/Scammer Alert in New York PLEASE READ!

I've been following this thread over at Chop Cult of a motor swap gone bad. Long story short, Pat in Texas with a Shovel, traded a kid (SEAN D RYAN) in NewYork for an EVO. Here is a copy of the link:

Once Sean received the Shovel, he stopped all contact with Pat in TX. Finally, after several days of fellow CC'ers and Pat blowing up Sean's phone/e-mail with threatening messages, the kid sent the Evo on it's way to TX with tracking etc. Five days later Pat in TX received an EVO boat anchor! Now again, Sean in NY is not answering the phone, and now trying to sell the shovel motor via Craigslist and several forums.

Here is a portion of the original description for the EVO motor provided by NY Kid:
"nicely rebuilt 93 evo with delkron cases"
Here are pix of said motor:

Here's SEAN D RYAN's face. His contact information is in the original CC post link above.

Whats even more disturbing is this guy is, or was an American solider. If you know Sean D Ryan, or have a connection to any NY LEOs, or have any ideas at all please respond over at Chop Cult, or send me an e-mail at asphalt_squad@yahoo.com and I will forward it on. This ass hat needs to be stopped.

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