Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Jesse vrs Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber?

If you haven't heard about this (click here) you either live under a rock, or are just not a motorcycle enthusiast...which begs the question, how did you get here?

We all have our opinions about the three parties involved, and I'm not going to discuss that here. Lets keep in mind this is about building motorcycles, not ex-wives, and girlfriends. More importantly this is about making money. First and foremost Discovery Channel making money, and the three parties involved making money. If I was in any of their shoes would I do it? In this day in age...Hell yes!

Based solely on the link above (and no surprise to me) it's obvious that this circus has become a popularity contest. A true "build-off" competition would have been to put these three in a large room, full of raw materials, tools, un assembled motors, three bike lifts, and misc parts. Wouldn't that be interesting...sadly "that" would never happen, because the Tweedle Twins would never sign off on it knowing good and well they couldn't actually "build" a ground up motorcycle.

All being said, I have to agree with Jesse...

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