Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bringin' Back The 80s!

Casey, from the Quad Cam Bastard Forum was looking for some Photo-Chop assisted paint ideas for his Sporty chop. I fulfilled his request, and then took it a step.....er, 20 further. After all, anything worth doing, is worth OVER doing right? On a side note, I could have done better in the seat area etc., but since upgrading to Win7 my old Photoshop is no longer compatible, so I'm currently using a cheezy on-line free program. Sux to be me.

To engage the full 80's effect, please crack a wine cooler, spark up a clove, and listen to the vid below whilst gazing at the pic above.

...a little more subdued

For reference , pic I started with.

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