Sunday, April 8, 2012

Lady Death Comic (gold foil edition) 1996

So my ol' Lady brings a grip of stuff home from her uncle's house today. Cool, tnx Marcos. The only items I found interesting were a 4' tall hand blown vase from Poland, a big box of CDs (still need to go thru 'm) and this framed between two pieces of glass, gold foil Lady Death comic book. On the back it says "1 of 4, blah blah blah, series 1996." So I take it all apart, clean the frame and glass, and put back together. Next, I hang it in my home office, and immediately hit e-Bay to see how rich I am. SCORE!


You too can go directly to e-Bay and buy one for $3.49 plus the ride. Or, in "Sealed Mint" condish shipped for 20 bananas!


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