Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Back in the mid 90s'...

...the New York City chopper scene was a HUGE influence (Specifically, English Don, Steg the Axeman, and Indian Larry) on my 1st build. Thank God we had Iron Horse Magazine here on the West Coast, so we could see what they were doing on the East Coast. Everyone here was building Pro-Streets, I was an outcast! Here it is the day I took the 18" apes off, and installed Flanders "Roadster bars" (note the long cables). Check out the dual disk wide glide, boat trailer rear fender with struts that were bent in a vise and welded/molded to the fender, satin black paint (before it was fashionable) speedo mounted to the side of the frame between the tank and seat, 3" open belt drive, and NO sissy seat springs! Someone in Japan is enjoying this bike now, I sold it to an exporter in '99. I'm trying to find a pic of the money side now. Damn, I wish I still had it!

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