Saturday, January 26, 2013

It's All In The Details / AKA- Fork Covers Peeve

So ya' just bought yourself some of those kick-ass fork covers now being offered by Lowbrow Customs. Listen up. Before you install those 39mm condoms and set yourself up for pointing and laughing behind your back from the bros, please read and look at this. I'm going to talk about my latest, but easily avoidable peeve.
As of late, I've been seeing lots of pix pop up on the interwebs: blogs, forums, and Instagrams of said fork covers installed on our beloved Sportys. Don't read into this wrong, I dig that shit outta them...IF installed properly. Hell, I plan on ordering a set for myself. 'Nuff said, just gaze at the two pix, and decide for yourself which looks better.

"How is this avoidable?" you ask. It's simple. Before you install them, take 10 minutes to hold them up to the side of your forks. Line them up at the top where they will be installed (just below the top triple clamp) and have your wife, buddy, sancha, or sancho secure them in place with some painters tape. Now step back and see where the fork slider cap ends up. Is it exposed below the bottom of the fork cover? Cool, ignore the rest of the blah-blah below, install now, and enjoy.

They're not? Shit! You probably lowered your bike, right? No biggie, measure how much would need to be removed to expose the fork cap (about even with the middle of it) as indicated in the top pic. Measure twice. READ THAT AGAIN! Then throw them up on a chop or miter saw. If they are chrome, or powder coated, a diamond blade saw will probably leave a clean cut. Now install, step back and enjoy how they look installed aesthetically correct.

If you are thinking bout ordering a set and are unsure of all the above, they offer them in raw. Or you can measure the distance from the bottom of the top clamp to the middle of your slider cup, and contact Lowbrow, they have stellar customer service.

I plan to order raw, cut, and have them powder coated black.

The above is just my opinion. If that's your bike's just my opinion. What do I know, I'm just another tool with a blog.

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