Sunday, January 13, 2013

Unique Iron at the Biltwell Garage Sale

If you're a local So-Cal'r like me, then you're blessed with year round bike events, and riding. That being said, those are the only two reasons to reside in this state. The point I'm getting at is for the most part you see the same bikes at every event, or show....the Usual Suspects if you will. However, yesterday at the Biltwell Garage Sale a particular Ironhead caught my eye. Specifically the unique frame design. Unique in the fact that I've only seen that design used in conjunction with Jap motor chops. Another detail to note was the narrowed split tanks, and the use of a hood ornament in-between them. I've seen many car parts used on bikes that's not unusual, but what is, is the fact that I liked the larger tanks (I usually don't like mixing any big-twin in my Sportster)...they just seem to work. In short, this is a really sanno chop with a lot of nice details.

 'nuff narrative, I'll let the pix speak for themselves.

Oh, almost forgot...if you know the owner of this ride please have them contact me I suggested to Lisa Ballard that she shoot pix of this bike for a Chop Cult feature and by the time we got back to where it was parked, it was gone. Get at me!

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