Wednesday, March 27, 2013

167 HP? Hoist the B.S. flag and swab the poop deck...

I generally try to keep this place on a positive note, but when I read shit like this I'm swiftly reminded of why I hate people. 167 HP Buell X1? Yeah right. Read the nonsense for yourself here.

Just the way it's worded, it sounds like some punk ass who has no idea what he's talking about.

"full functioning hypercharger"

"no baffel in" 

"With high map set it in i dyno'd 167hp at rear wheel 169 at rear sprocket. can go more"

"Its been bored, cammed, etc..between all that and clutch, gears, tranny work, power commander, etc.. it has been built and set for 1/4 mile drag" 

" put it in a dyno competition with a 175 map in it and that was the hp results"

First clue "hyper charger" full functioning no less? Second clue, no head work? Making 176 HP with no flow work done to the heads? Also, any real Sportster gear head would be very VERY specific on motor mods, and parts. Nor would they use such poor teen text grammer, or say shit like "it sounds like a Harley." I'd venture to say it's a Buell with a couple bolt-ons and a power commander which does not equal anywhere near what he's claiming. He goes by the screen name "Blaze" maybe he's the Ghost Rider? 

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WhitelinePsycho said...

Hilarious, what an arseclown.