Saturday, March 30, 2013

200 MPH Tape...

...for a road-side repair.
I lost the rear tank mount bolt today. First time I've ever lost anything off my bike since I've owned it, Jan '07. The front was loose too, but strange thing is I just tightened them both a bit about a month ago. I probably should have taken them all the way out and reapplied the Loc-tite. Lucky I heard the noise and pulled over, had it gone for a while it probably would have cracked the front tank mount. Thank God for 200 MPH Tape.

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Tom Clark said...

Agree about the value of a good roll of duct tape and/or 200 mph tape. I used plenty in the field as an Army medic to do every thing from splinting bones and securing bandages to taping on parts knocked off of our vehicle while on the move. My "newest" ride is a 32 yo bob job. I make sure to keep plenty of zip ties, duct tape and bailing wire stuffed into the tool bag..ya' just never know..