Tuesday, May 14, 2013

RIDE LIKE HELL in heaven English Don

The Bayonet Brothers are once again united, together forever in chopper heaven.

Yes, another one of my heroes has passed on, and I found myself thinking throughout most the day at work what I'd put down here, or try to put down rather when I got home.

The few times I talked to Don on the phone, or via the interweb we said we'd ride together, and I'm sad to say it didn't happen. That being said, I'm very grateful to say that I was able to talk with him several times since 2009 when we first connected via Facebook. He found it extremely cool that in the mid 90's when most here on the West coast were building "pro-street" bikes, this boy from Valencia California was building a rigid Evo chop, heavily inspired by the Bayonet Brothers. Soon after we connected, I sent him pix of that chop from the 90's, he said he was proud of me and I'd done a great job capturing the East Coast vibe. He then knew for certain I was serious when I said he was one of my biggest influences and heroes. Even recently he commented on my Sporty a few times saying I was keeping the East Coast spirit alive....never did say much about my bagger "Fat Elvis" though, E.D. did not like couches.

So, for the remainder of today I will continue to mourn the death of Don, but that will be it. After said time I will no longer be sad, I'll think of him fondly with a smile on my face, especially when I ride....because that's how he would want it, he'd say RIDE LIKE HELL, JOHNNY, RIDE LIKE HELL!

This hangs on the wall in my home office, it's priceless to me to say the least.

...and back on Dec 29th of 2012, I edited one of his picture's for him as a surprise. He ended up using the image in one of his last photo montages that he used to make. I'm sorry for all of the water marks, but that was one of Don's biggest peeves, people stealing his images without asking. He's the only one who had one without the marks, and it's going to stay that way. For those that may not know, the way I laid out the "Ride Like Hell" is the same as his neck tattoo he got last year, in the same lettering as well.

I'm sure you're smokin' drinkin' and high 5'n Evel and Indian Larry right now as I write this. May I ask that while you're lane splittin' the clouds, and playin' angel grab ass...please look over us down here, and keep us safe. Oh, and please say hi to my good friend Robbie Loebach, you remember him, he had a shop here on the West Coast called Gasoline Alley years before there was one on the East Coast. You won't find a better Shovel mechanic up there. He also plays guitar, and has forgotten more songs than you and I know together, so you have someone to jam with too.

Miss you already, E.D.
Love you,

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