Monday, June 3, 2013

Hell On Wheels 2013

Despite the hot (hence the name) and not quite the turn out it's been in previous years, we still had a great time. When not watching the racing, Aaron and I hung at the Burly Brand booth most of the afternoon. Their hospitality was awesome, and the bikes are right up may alley...pristine, well thought out, and executed Sportsters. Not overly done, but not understated either. Thanks again, folks!

Another highlight of the day was meeting Bear Haughton of Old Bike Barn and editor/contributor over at Chop Cult. Bear is good people, we hung out with him for the latter part of the event, and after, we took him under our So-Cal wings for a BB-Q at the Wolf Den, and then he was off to stay with Aaron. I believe he took our advise and is currently heading up the coast to the Redwoods by way of Solvang, Cambriea, Monterey etc. Be safe dude, wish we could have gone with you.

Sorry for the lack of pix, I only took a couple. No to worry though, there is some rad pix here (clicky) via the Burly Brand F/B page.

Aaron and Bear exchanging stories. I could share, but I'd have to kill you.


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