Saturday, April 12, 2014

Tom's '66 and 2 '48's at the Local Car Show

This is my neighbor and friend Tom with his '66 Belvedere, '48 Peterbuilt and '48 Indian. Tom buried his 88 year old dad yesterday, who up until 8 years ago used to drive the Peterbuilt as a hay hauler. Yep he drove it until he was 80! Tom's dad never missed any of the local car shows, so we thought it would be fitting to enter it in a local show today. He took the special interest class 1st place trophy home, mission accomplished.

Here's a tid-bit on the Indian. You'll notice it's not sporting the iconic fender skirts. Reason being it was a Forrest Service model, a "dirt bike" if you will. How cool is that. Before Tom's dad passed away, he had the heads flowed, and cylinders bored with bigger slugs put in. That's all we know as of now, Tom needs to dig out the paperwork and receipts for the specific specs.

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