Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Fat Elvis's DIY Air Ride Gauge PT II

Last we left off I had just finished installing the VDO PSI gauge for my soon to be installed D.I.Y Air Ride (I have all the parts, now I just need the time). However, I had the dilemma of the new gauge bezel not matching the other OEMs. It's black and flat, while the others are conical with a fine silver band. I thought I could live with it being different, but my OCD goes into overdrive every time I walk past it. My eye was going right to it like a hard nipple in a white tube top every time I walked past it in the shop.

So, I got to looking at the OEM air temp gauge that I took out, and came up with an idea...

...then a little ring of silicone, place it over the new gauge and viola, all matching again.

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