Sunday, August 3, 2014

Went Out For a Burger....

...came home with a plaque, and white knuckles.

Stopped in at Galaxy for a burger and shake to beat the late afternoon heat yesterday. Turns out they were having a cruze night. Checked out some of the rides including a cool late 80's tandem axle Nissan Hard Body (more on that later) and a sea of riced out Pep Boys Special imports, SUV's with oversized wheels, boomin' stereos and a few Donks (Google it). I guess my definition of a cruze night and the new thought of a cruze night are two entirely different things? I'm getting old and the world is a changin'.

So after we peeped the rides, me and the holmz "Tom" went in for some grub. After they screwed my order up 3 times, yes, three times for a cheese burger dry, no onions and fries we went back outside to check out some more rides....only to discover that it had been raining for quite some time. Yes, I'm a so-cal native. No, I'm not afraid to ride in the rain. However, bias plys no front fender no face shield or goggles (only RX glasses) makes for an exhilarating adventure....not to mention Ca drivers loose their fucking mind driving in the rain.

As I was making my getaway, the three event coordinators stopped me and said, "We want you to have this plaque, sorry it doesn't say motorcycle class." That was pretty cool and totally unexpected, thanks Seductive Inland Empire.