Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday updates...

First off today, I installed a Push button starter switch. My
Ign/Key will stay under the battery.

Here's the pulley mounted. The time (and PBR's) spent
stripping the powdercoat, sanding, and hand polishing
really paid off.

Next, I centered the front wheel to determine how much I
need to trim off the hub. I held a straight edge from the
inside brake pad down to the outside edge of the hub.
Turns out it only needs 3/8" removed. I'll take to to my
buddy who has a lathe. Once done I'll bolt up the 2000+
rotor and make spacers.

Here's a few gratuitous shots.

My daughter Alexandra sent me this from her phone.



MUTINY said...

the bike is looking great! Where is the webers?

Johnny Wolf said...

On my work bench. It really just stuck out too far. If the tank was fatter I think it would work.

Who knows though, I change my mind weekly with this bike.

BenoƮt said...

A real bad ass sportster and T-shirt !!!