Saturday, December 12, 2009

It's all in the details (cont.)

Since Mooneyes was a wash (literally) I decided to finish
up some of the details I'd been putting off. Yeah, It's not
ground breaking shit, but it still had to be done.

First in line was the mount that I modified to secure the
peep mirror to the triple clamp. I never really liked the
shape and the powder coat was cracked an peeling off. I
flapper wheeled and sanded the paint, chrome, and copper
down to the raw aluminum, and shaped it with hand files
and sand paper. I finished it off with a wet sand and hand
Polish. I'll eventually send it out for chrome with a few other
bits I have.

Next in line was the nubs left behind from the
fender strut choppin. Here's what I started with.

...after some grinding.

...after hand files and 220/400/800/1000 sand paper.

...gettin ready for rattle can.

...after a couple blasts.

...and ready for assembly.

...and last but not least, my shop buddy Betty. She hung out
with me all day today.