Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Plimsouls

If you were an 80s kid in So-Cal and didn't catch
these guys live you suck! I've been following these
Kats since late '79. I saw them about 4-5 times in
the 80's and once in the early 90's.

If you don't recognize them they did the song "Million miles
away" which was featured in the cult movie "Valley Girl"
Whenever they showed a live club scene in the movie it
was the Plimsouls playing (both of the songs in the video
below were also in the movie).

At that time in the early 80's they were the sound of the
Hollywood Strip. They frequently used to play the Starwood,
and the Whiskey a Go Go...I can still taste the Boonesfarm,
Southern Comfort and coke, and smell the clove cigs.

Don't forget to pause the music player below
before you start the vid.

"Oldest story in the world" and "Everywhere at once" (Live).

The first song in this Valley Girl clip is "Everywhere at
once", and "Million miles away" is at 3:49. Oh, and Nicolas Cage
was 19 when he appeared in this.

"Now" the studio version. Whenever I saw them live they
always played it faster.

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